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Klock Werks nomadXL™ Universal Device Mount

KWD-NOMADXL (0636-0150)


  • The Klock Werks nomadXL™ Phone Mount mounts to any bar that is .5” to 5.5” diameter and is quick and easy to install. Secure cell phones, devices, gauges, and more onto handlebars, ROPS, and ATV racks with the flexible strap assembly. The patented, ultra-strong magnetic interface and mount retention lip secures devices in the most severe of off-road environments. The nomadXL utilizes the razor-thin stainless steel iOdisc that adheres to your device then connects to the iOcore, which is the magnetic carrier on the nomadXL strap. This simple and solid construction can withstand even the most rugged trail rides. Once the iOdisc is adhered to your device, you can easily detach from the nomadXL and connect to other Klock Werks iOmounts™ products, including phone mounts for your motorcycle, car, home, office, and more!


  • Included in box: nomadXL Phone Mount and 2 iOdiscs

Klock Werks nomadXL™ Universal Device Mount - 1/2"- 5-1/2" Bars

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