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Metal Innovations and Artistry was born out of a life-long passion for building custom machines.  Starting with designing and building his first lowrider bicycle in his basement at 16 yrs old, owner Jon Sniger has honed his skills as a metal fabricator over a 20+ year career building Classic Cars, Motorcycles, and ATV's.  Having lived on both coasts, traveling from Boston and L.A. and everywhere in between, his creative influences and experiences stem from a love of art, music, and all things retro-inspired.  Coming from a long line of car builders and motorcycle enthusiasts, Jon is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to classic cars and motorcycles.  Settling near where he grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts, Jon began building and painting his creations in his home garage and 'MIA' took off from there.


Metal Innovations and Artistry has now expanded to include a full service shop and showroom in the coastal community of Marshfield.  We invite you to stop by to shop for parts and accessories and check out all our latest creations on display!


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