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October 2021

2021 has continued to see delays and supply issues on so many parts and materials all across the board in every facet of our industry. With the continued pandemic, environmental threats, and cyber terrorism, there has been a major strain on our resources. Due to this we are seeing low or no stock on many common items due to materials shortages... from rubber for tires all the way to color pigments for paint. We expect price increases to continue across many of our vendors due to the rising costs of materials, labor shortages, and shipping container issues. Meanwhile shipping rates and times are constantly in flux to keep up with demand. We expect shipping costs to continue to rise as well.

We want to let all our customers know that we truly appreciate your patience during these evolving times. Please rest assured that we will always do our best to be transparent concerning any issues that are out of our control (such as ordering a part that appears to be 'in stock' only to be told 4 weeks later that it is no longer available.. Yup. It's happened. More than once). We will always strive to be fair with price increases and forthright with you concerning unforeseen delays. In the meantime, we will continue to ride out the wave with the hope we'll see the balance tip back toward 'normal' soon.

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